Wangapi injili

Maze ni kubaya hadi gospel artists wanauza. Nikidai kuschedule rungu washing from online, huwa nafanyanga background check kureduce catfish probability. Reverse search ya pic posted, Truecaller ya number, kuona if there’s a linked social media account to the name uone authenticity of body, etc. With this method I’ve been catfished just once (my most recent hekaya kwa lanye stories). Inakaa hectic but ni kitu unafanya once, sift through “worthy” accounts alafu from then on I know which numbers to call njaa ikizidi.
Now, I saw this profile.

Turns out ni huyu


She might be the pimp.

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Hii inaendelea kuprove my thesis that dem akiwa na “God first” or variation of that kwa bio yake na anapost validation seeking clothes ni hoe. But huyu ametake it up a notch


Gaaki hii ochumi ni mpaya Sana inapidi MTU auze hata mwiri apate chaakura

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A pimp and a whore are the same


Although she’ a lanye, doesn’t warrant you to parade her out here, je akipigwa shoka because of parading her.


It takes money to fund studio sessions :sweat_smile:


I’ve not directly put her name or number. Both links already existed on the internet regardless of me sharing them.

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She is in search of capital to fund her career. The current uchumi is wanting

Si talker ajitolee tufanye VAR kubwa ni Yeye…but pia anaweza kuwa freak kiMary Lincoln

Hii theory yako is very valid. Somehow madem huwekanga bio that are hardcore religious ndo are the worst of hoes.



I don’t why I read this with a kisii accent in my head

nimeona hii mtindo pia, kuna hata famous kungurus from goodhope who do gospel songs, most women go to church to fein repentance kumbe wanawinda wanaume hawajui hii maneno

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Hawa for example. They all sell.

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Bro, it’s a jungle/ cruel world out here. Are you that naive MTU akikuambia ameokoka you give him/ her your whole trust?

@Nipe_Nikusifu is a filthy bottom fagget crossdresser who traps thirsty talkers like keyheeee @jimit to finish them

It’s just a very weird pathology. I get overcompensating ndio isikae uko biz but it’s too much. Blasphemous levels. They talk about kuokoka even more than watu wako church choir na hio saa anafanya every sin apart from murder


Mimi siwezi mind kukutafta tupatane personally nikudinye hagga then I pass you to my Elianto gang. Ignore that message at your own peril.

Keyhee I will cut that filthy segma clogged foreskin with a Brocken coke bottle ukue mwanaume . Unajua uncircumcised Goliath like you swine is a mumama ?