Wanderi resigns

Alikuwa anataka kukaa ngumu but probably a few calls from kachakwa convinced him otherwise.

You mean he was threatened to resign?

Does he think Arror will let him go just because he has resigned?

Not threatened…But pushed or forced.

Ok, then gachagua need to be subpoenaed by the commission.

Who said anything about gachagua?

Yes.Arror has his hands full than follow small detractors.

Hapo ndio watu wake wa mkono wanaingililia

Pop goes the weasel

kachakwa it is, pole.

Huyu jamaa tulifanya misa kwake alipo pewa appointment. Sigh!

Religion issa scam.


Good decision.

The state can really frustruate you. Its better kuondokea than ending up like msando