Wanaume wanakufa wakifanya vitu major. What are you doing with your life ?



Icarus died tring to fly , na hasumbui.

Vitu major?
Conversation na wahenga in the afterlife:
W: Greatest achievement?
L: I died climbing a mountain.
W: Were you paid to climb?
L: Zi, I paid.
W: Were you going up there to pick something maybe?
L: No.
W: Why were you climbing the mountain?
L: Err…just to climb

Hio mlima ni list to do. Nimepanda ngong hills next ni sides,Elgon,mt. Kenya halafu kilimanjaro

That’s a female death

I actually think it’s dumb thing wazungus do.

A permit to climb costs $11,000. Then probably costs you another $50,000 for the whole thing.

Alafu ukufe kwa mlima


Non of the local Uncle Toms are calling wazungu low IQ monkeys. But if a few random Africans find a beer lorry in a ditch and decide to help themselves to a few bottles those Uncle Toms unleash all their multiple handles to attack Africans as a whole. Self hate is a mental disease

Mimi napenda kupanda stairs

kuna wengine wanauliwa na viagra na hawasumbui

Kufanya vitu stupid ama major?

Everest was once a pristine place where the true adventurer battled cold, wind, doubt and desolation without cameras recording his anguish.

Today, it is a polluted Nepalese and Tibetan cash-cow where people of very limited imagination pay thousands of dollars to go and get trapped on a well-worn path marked by the corpses of failures. All they want is to ‘summit’, take a selfie and then start the journey downwards at breakneck speed before their auxiliary oxygen (wasted in the queue) runs out.

@Mjuaji, it is no longer discovery or adventure, you gullible Mzungu-worshipping, self-loathing idiot.

A journey of many miles begins with a step. With time after ume conquer stair next ni Ngong hills halafu milima za machakos.

Sasa umejigeuka after seeing that nobody found climbing Everest such a ‘major’ achievement?

Siku moja utanipata. But I guess hiyo siku sio leo.

Darwin at work!

Leo sio Florida man??

wacha nkufe nikipanda kunguru si kukufia Kwa milima na baridi

self actualization, maybe.

Takes two whole months to summit, which is at 29,000 feet. Planes fly at 35,000 feet. Why would any sane human being want to defy the odds? Upuss.

No meth and aligators in this story so No Florida man