Wanaume wa morgue

Heh. Does he look spaced out or what?

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Pia sluts like you are equally lethal


I will watch later… And by the way, you seem to have quite the penchant for such things! Anything that involves murder/death seems to catch your eye.


Need a job at DCI maybe?

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Hehe…sio kazi poa. Job yenyewe is exceedingly complex and emotionally taxing, involving the handling of decomposing bodies and the investigation of cases. Heri kuwa hasora tu.


He looks just fine.

If it wasnt for my hate of smells and my sensitive nose that can smell very far , I’d work in the forensics like Johansen. But I can barely watch a chicken being slaughtered.

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He must be still warm battalion hardcore

I thought the guy is a pathologist? When did he venture into forensics? And even people who do forensics have to deal with dead bodies. They have to study maggots in bodies to calculate when the person died, searching for dna on the body, as an example.

This is probably the most difficult job on earth, not because of any specialised skill set, but because of the toll it exerts on your mind and emotions. I doubt anyone can do it while sober.

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Its hard to see someone like you being cut open and being a corpse. Knowing that one day that will be you. Being reminded every day about your own mortality can’t be easy.

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Pathologists are under the umbrella of forensic science.

Malisaa iyo maraya msee