Wanaume Tafadhali Jiheshimu


This story has reminded me about a friend I know called Derrick.

So Derrick was chasing a woman for years but the woman kept rejecting him. The woman then got pregnant and the nigga who made her pregnant stepped out. Yaani alitoroka responsibility. Anyway, Derrick went and proposed to be in a ‘come we stay’ arrangement with the woman while she was around 7 months pregnant. He even offered to raise the child as his own true blood. Jamaa mpaka akapeleka dem shopping kumnulia nguo za mtoto.

I also remember some nigga proposing to Pierra Makena while she was still pregnant from another man’s nut. Sijui kulienda aje. Nadhani walikosana.

[SIZE=1]Ni kama wanaume wanaitwa Derrick wakona kasoro. [/SIZE]

Derrick, Brian na Kevo wanafaa waitiwe kikao cha wazee!

It is fine. One less single mother; the fewer they are the better. But personally I wouldn’t.

Just remove the doubt (…err…) in Derrick and what do yes remain with? A Dick!

lough is blind

Vile sledgehammer amesema.

men like to save …

same thing happened around where i stay but it ended very badly. hekaya for another day.

Banaa hapanaaa ongea mbaya nikiwa mtoi inspector Derick alikuwa CIA na FBI combined mambo fiam

Beta males, simps and arghg!

Derrick wote huwa na umama fulani