Wanaume ogopeni. Wueh! Ni kubaya..Birrionaire amejua hajui.

In summary,.

The jamaa is a 60% majority owner of The Yard Restaurant. A very nice joint with very nice nyama and nice kungurus from Ruaka.

The joint makes 18m a month. Serious money.

Jamaa met a lady. ( Let’s call the lady Kunguru for privacy purposes.). Kunguru owns 20% of The Yard Restaurant

So jamaa anapanga traditional wedding with his Kunguru, anastukia ghafla bin vu. One day before rurashio Kunguru has changed ownership of the popular restaurant.

Kunguru forged directors minutes and she is now in possession of 100% of The Yard Restaurant.

Jamaa kuenda home anapata Kunguru had packed her bags and left.

Wanaume. Ogopeni. We are on our own. Wewe uko na life insurance ya millions of shillings, chunga. Usikubali kukula chakula yako alone. Kula chakula same na watoto. Else itakuwa unakula steel wire


Tell us more,alifikisha threshold?


:eek::eek: Was the Kunguru 20% owner before they met ama he gave the Kunguru 20% of the establishment ownership even after PNC (True Love manenos)?

EDIT: Just read the attached picture. I get it now

How is that even possible?

Uongu uache. Where exactly in Ruaka is The Yard?

If its forgery then the 60% is still his…he can take the matter to court

Sema polepole. If it was forged, I think the action is null ab initio, donge?

Read vizuri. Have I said The Yard iko Ruaka

Hio flight schedule ya Maigua imemalisa hio kunguru.

Umesoma na pupa

Aha! Ridgeeays was missing. It is the patrons (kungurus) that come from Ruaka according to you. That too is open to debate: Kiambu Rd. has grown exponentially and does not need Ruaka to patronize the many new watering holes.

Msiogope, sio wanawaje wote wako hivi, but chungeni who you involve yourself with

Kunguru inataka kula nyama yote.But if I ain’t wrong that kungurus family own the land where the yard ‘sits’ on.

True, hapo she did not think ahead. Kwisha yeye.

I suspected something like that. Those Ridgeways/Runda plots have become goldmines. The club and its neighbour sit on more than an acre of land, with the old bungalows serving as entertainment facilities.

If a greedy developer wants to pay a billion to get on board, Kunguru and family will forge anything and eject the fiance. Sadly, he could be the originator of the ideas and the success, but blood is thicker than money… :smiley:

Hio Kirimino…How did the kunguru think she will pull it off (pun fully intended)

Very true and you notice ridgeways inn has always been there ,they just added ‘the yard’
She might not be so foolish like we think.once she gets one adjournment that guy is done.atazungushwa courts mpaka pesa iishe while the lady will be taking the 18m monthly

hehehe by the way let us not be too quick to write her off. This was not a solo effort.

Mambo ya pillow talk na ma kunguru watu wawache

Bitches be very selfish

Will your opinion change were he to Obado her?