Wanaume mumefikiwa two men sodomised and killed in Roysambu

Niliwashow there’s a syndicate operating and you better lie low atleast tupate the killer of Rita Waeni and the rest of Matara extortion ring. Mutakatwa private parts. I don’t know how people can get guts to be very casual yet there’s serious criminals at large. Wakenya let’s value our lives.

Wah. Nigerians tena? What is the government doing about these people? Theyve bcm a thorn in the flesh.

Monday tunahold maandamano against MENICIDE ama inaitwaje ?

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The free visa problems

Tungojee the news behind the news. Clearly something bigger is being covered or slowly being cooked using these mass-emotion triggering incidents.

Mr. Conspiracy theories, if Naija do this killing for ritual in their own country what of a corrupt nation like Kenya. They’re on a roll but watakomeshwa. Kindiki ain’t playing.

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Wanaij wamekuwa huku tangu 2011s. Sai ndio wamejua rituals? Kuwa mpole the real story ita unfold tu.

Si wangekaza mkundi

Hata nikiwa mtoto wa primary walikua. I remember growing up hearing all kinds of horror stories about them. I will sooner sleep in a bed with a venomous animal than touch a Nigerian with a ten foot pole.

In Kenya there’s hundreds of missing people and I believe many were used for rituals by these Nigerians. This only came out bcz they got sloppy. These are prolly amateurs as can be seen from the nervous disposition of the now infamous cctv guy.

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