Wanakijiji wanaopenda documentaries

I have been watching this documentary on Ice road truckers nikaamini yenyewe wanaume hutafuta pesa.Kunguru waheshimu pesa za wanaume…driving on top of an Icey lake for 350 miles plus the weather is -50…Lakini pesa mzuri…20 days one can make $ 12000[ATTACH=full]148857[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]148858[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]148859[/ATTACH]


Leta link ya torrent

kuna nyingine pia inaitwa outback truckers .its about road trains in Australia


@KaBuda kazi imejaa

highway through hell pia ni poa…

@Ka-Buda apply kazi, 20days uko na mita 1.2 za Kenya… Miaka tano kuja usi name kama MP

mimi nkobseason 8 of “Mayday aircraft accident investigations” am really loving dem plane accidents

you 20th century war documentaries

My favorite. Driving a road train for a thousand plus kms, na wengine Wako solo…

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Very boring shit

Hehehe. Ati Season 6:D

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Hehe love plane accidents… Oga ooh adi kill me oga

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I watch it. Its a series not a documentary. And its a dangerous job. Which is why you have a premium pay rate during the extreme weather season.

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I lkie watching it . Nat Geo.

will dl it

Its both papaa… A documentary series…aka Reality tv series…


Heheee ndio utajua swallow saliva ni saucer, his toughest part of the job is meandering through all the vaginas thrown at him in mlolongo

Road through HEll

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I’ve watched IRT all of them, including India & Peru. That’s a tough job by the way with good money. But the cost of living in their country Alaska, US & Canada is damn too high. No comparison to Kenya.