Wanajeshi Wamekua Majambazi?

Isolated case, ama ni cartel? We may never know:

[INDENT][I][SIZE=6]Search for stolen car leads detectives to army barracks[/SIZE]

GILGIL, KENYA: Police have launched investigations into a bizarre incident where a stolen motor vehicle was found parked in an army barrack in Gilgil town.

A two day search for the missing car led the sleuths and staff from a tracking company to the 66 battalion camp located along the Gilgil-Nyahururu road where they found the abandoned car.

Efforts by the police officers to determine who drove in the car to the parking lot designated for senior officers failed leading to an impasse between the uniformed officers.

Trouble started after the driver of the Toyota Belta car Nicholas Kamuta parked it outside a bar in Pipeline estate in Nairobi.

According to an impeccable source, the driver on leaving the bar found the car missing and informed the police who embarked on their investigations.

“The car had been fitted with a tracker and the signal led the officers to the barracks and since they could not enter they sought the support of the police,” said the source. The stolen car was found parked inside the barracks but efforts to get the person who had driven it into the highly guarded facility were fruitless.

“The car must have been booked at the main gate but the army officers have failed to assist the police with the information so that an arrest can be made,” said the source.

The car was later handed over to the owner as investigations into the incident continued.


I get your concern and just know court martial si mchezo. However the title is misleading. Wanajeshi means all KDF personnel in total. You can’t tell me that the entire force of I.e 50000 conspired to do this act.


napita tu


Wanajeshi means more than one. There must have been more than one involved - at least in the ensuing cover-up. That is why I posit: “isolated case ama ni cartel?

So using your logic, not all dim eyes are jakuonists, donge?


Of course it’s an isolated case. The one or few people involved will regret this. Military police si mchezo. NPS have no jurisdiction hapa.

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Yes and I don’t use that language either.


Kindly then advice your friend @Nattydread ama you are one and the same.

Post, inbox him yourself.

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