Wanaitwa Wanaume

The gender that betrayed and denied Jesus, watatuonyesha Mengi.


What happens ukiwa na bae who is so good and always supportive but so weird in bed. He cant cum hadi awe abusive…eti anasema bae imagine am here with your mom too…he then cums and then apologise…I find it odd but in real life he is a very decent man. Hii ni nini sasa

ni :meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

Modern times

What about the gender that talked to the snake?

There is a reason Jesus didn’t have any woman discipline.

There were 72 people who followed Jesus including Mary Magdalena. Soma Bible vizuri wewe.

Satan only talks directly to serious people like Jesus and Eve. No time to waste on the mediocre species called Adam. Hao nikuwaingia tuu directly like he did to Peter no time for conversation.

Can you imagine your wife telling you that she can’t cum until she imagines your father doing the deed? I’m sure you will not even be able to imagine.

Society is harsh to men.

@TrumanCapote aki unakaa uko na kutu mob sana

Wacha nikae nazo if this is what women are going through in the name of kutoa kutu. How can someone mention your mother during such a heinous act?

Huyu haikosi amewatch californication

Harsh? If you can kill a woman over sex what would happen if she said she’s thinking about your dad during coitus? Men are very disrespectful. This guy deserves poisoning.

Huko ndio watu hutaja wazazi wakati wa ngono?

I saw a woman been slapped kwa face na jama waki make love it was so weird i felt bad aki

Uhuh…just find some time and check out sn4 episode 8

Huyu inakaa ameona blue movie mingi za bdsm

Haikuwa blue movie ghaseer

She said the man is alright in other aspects except during coitus…the lady should examine herself too.she must be very boring in bed.then anakimbia kulaumu kijana ya wenyewe!

Tukikumbuka how we suffered inside the whale’s stomach pale Nineveh we can’t help ourselves but to pass the suffering to you and your kind.

Kwani ilikua 3some ama ulionea wapi?

Mzazi anatokea wapi in all this? Why disrespect her mother surely.

Bangi na ujinga. It means the fool fantasizes about a 3some with her and her mother. He’s probably been watching some perverted shit and wants to live it out. But some things are best left unsaid.