Wanaitwa chimpanzees wa zalieni tuu

M is a 24 year old client, who is married and is a mother of two children.She has been working as a househelp. Her parents and siblings passed on in an accident when she was 15 years and she left to fend to herself after her fathers family disowned her and her sister.

Having no means , she met a single dad with an 8 year old and she got married. At the time he was engaged in casual labour, so she decided to look for a job as house help. She reported she started working as a househelp and her partner did not appreciate her working.One day after she came from work she found the house empty with only her clothes in it.He went with the child as well.

She was later called 2 days by a hospital in Mombasa and informed that her husband was in a critical condition.She travelled and took care of him. They later reconciled and moved back in together in 2021 after a family intervention.In 2022, her sister in law kept insisting that she needed to deliver another baby.She reported the pressure was too much so she ran away, and came to Nairobi and joined a church college.

She met the child keyboardist and they started dating, She reported she later found out she was pregnant.She reported he denied the pregnancy and asked her to abort but she refused. The father of her second child reportedly got married and while his wife was pregnant, he would visit her and beat her and demand to be given his baby. He finally decided to pay rent fpr her in exchange for conjugal rights and if she refused he would beat her violently , prompting her to report him to the police. He in turn came and took away all her household belongings leaving her with a 9 month baby. She started becoming overwhelmed , the man told her to kill herself and on 07th October she decided to hang herself.

The neighbours found her near death and called the police , M doesnt recall how she got in the cells. The police called and handed her over to us.

We took her to the hospital and she is currently in our safehouse and in the care of mental health expert.