Wanadada wamekua magaidi....

Ukishikwa hii design sii unaomba msamaha tuu…


Sema kimeumana

:D:D:D siwezi kufa kikondoo hio design. Angeshika nipple apige bite…

Nothing a well placed kumanyoko slap can’t reset. Chapa mtu slap and while she is absorbing it ongesa ingine. Hawes ngoja ya tatu coz hapo already ashajua you mean business. Women are like kids; always testing the limits waone how far they can go and how much they can get away with. If you are the kind of man who issues empty threats and is forever drawing, erasing and redrawing the red line in sand, utakipata na the “fair” gender.

:D:D:D makena can do this

He he he, how did she manage to grab both the balls and the tree? By the way ngumi moja ya mapua she will black out.

Hekaya za jaba, if you slap and she tightens the grip you are finished!

Then at that point, there is no law prohibiting the use of a fist to reset her dentures. Halafu unamfanyia ile crocodile roll kwa vumbi to disorient her. Anyway, by the time dem anakushika makei, ameshajua wewe ni malenge at least going by your reply for even the bible says such a woman should be put to death.

:D:D:D ati crocodile roll. Ukimaliza hiyo roll your balls will disconnect from your body

unagonga hiyo matiti anatii…

Hapo nakausha kichwa nakupiga heda moja safi kama football ufreeze hadi mikono. Na nifuatishe sweep tuongee ukiwa chini.

Huyu unaeka ngumi moja nzito ataachilia in 0.3 seconds

Just knock her out. Case closed. Only weak males let women manhandle them like this

Hapo ni a matter of life and death but the dick doesn’t understand, imembao inafikiria iko ndani ya pussy:D:D:D:D

Crocodile roll!

When she gets you by the balls…your heart and soul will follow

pesa ya lanye si ya mchezo

Ati dick inambao ikifikiria iko ndani ya pussy… :smiley:


Hapo ni heda tu inaweza kuokoa. wale wanasema sijui ngumi, how will you be able to generate force in the punch kama uko pinned to a wall with one hand on her hand which has the root and stem