Wamuratha weighs in on Kamotho Family saga

Wale Wana fuata hii kesi imefika wapi?


Mungu ni nani? Look how Virginia Kamotho ako na furaha nowadays.


Thenkiu sooo much Jojina. This is a must listen nikimaliza kupika dinner. I luuuurve Wamuratha so much and to imagine I was introduced to her youtube by some dude on this forum??. Najua hii inawaka moto. She came to visit her mafans here last year. Nakwambia tulianguka tukikimbilia tickets. What was initially down as 2 shows became several…mazee she is hilarious. I really want to hear what she has to say about this v sad case. Mimi na shosho na Lynn tulilia one night as shosho begged Kamotho…

ION I hear Wamuratha has talked hard to Jifathes who were forced to look at their own wives and kids during this lockdown. Ateeeeeee kiria uguraga kwa Mercy(SQ) no muhaka ugurire mama RIU. Some men have seen how their wives/kids live in squalor now since they are used to coming home at 3 am and leaving at 5 am. Hahahaha must find that clip too… nicheke yangu yote.

Don’t know why but I hate this wamuratha mbich.
I attended an event she was invited to and I didn’t like the way she lectured in greek, despite the fact that the event was attended by people from all kenyan tribes. That kind of arrogance makes me sick.

Learn kiuk…stop hatin

Jojina I listened to this clip last night. Wamuratha has aportioned the blame/mess to several people. Kamotho, Virginia, Tabitha, Tabitha’s husband, Virginia’s mother and shosho. Quite why shosh is being dragged into it sikunyita. Virginia wants to be able to see her kids and quite rightly so. But I recall some of the older kids saying they do not want to see her due to the brainwashing done by the dad??.

Anyway, I did not like how Virginia has brainwashed the child currently living with her. Aiiiii this case is v bizzarre. Wamuratha is full of wisdom and she tore into it v well…lakini nakwambia if those people were here, all those 17 kids would be in foster care by now. Most likely split up…

Ndi mugikuyu karîng’a.
I dislike people who think everyone understands the language. Arrogance

Kuja I introduce you to some Jengs who are always whining that we Kyuks invite them to our parties and then continue speaking in greek the whole time. So they want us to speak in english? the point of the party in the 1st place is to re-create home away from home. Eat mukimo, nyam chom listen to musaimo and dance to mugithi …

The interesting thing about these jengs is that they remember us when they lose someone and they know we are v big on mashakaya. Wanatuita. Kwani is our money not Kyuk? siku hizi hatuendi. And they are the ones that are big on taking the body home. Most young kyuks are being buried here.
[SIZE=1]Mod you will be in v good company. You can whine together as one.:D[/SIZE]