Wamumu ward MCA Baptista Kanga in Kirinyaga County fulfils promise to give each home a water tank

Wamumu Ward MCA Hon Baptista Kanga fulfills campaign promise by providing each home in his Ward will have a water tank!



Capacity ya hizo tanks…kama ni more than 10k litres each…huyo ghasia ni Escobar ama krimino …wewe Spear ni meffi

He didn’t buy them himself, dude lobbied to donors and Waiguru to … Urgh ferk it wewe ni mujinga huwezi elewa anyways.

Now bend over woriah…mbwa ya malaya…Mtoto wa malaya…

Awwwwwwawww are your feelings hurt little boy? :D:D

This is good

Usinionyeshe meno …

Utado nn ghasia? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Maffiii bado unachota maji kwa mutooo

Enyewe if you look at how the guy is dressed, hapa ni kazi tu! That guy went to work

Lifestyle audit pap !

That’s very commendable. Aendelee vivyo hivyo.

… Mwenye suit na tie ndiye mwizi

Hapana, it ain’t about the suit, it’s where you buy the suit.

I quoted a line from a song ya Kshaka or Mashifta not sure .

In RV and Central you really need a good record to be reelected as MP, MCA, Senator, women rep and governor. 98% lose in the party nomination let alone getting to the general elections. This is why the sooner you fulfill your election pledges, the better. The rest of the country better wise up.

But you don’t need to be re-elected ,you are assured of some income even after umebwagwa Kwa Debe especially MPigs.Its the only 5 year job that you can buy a car ,a house and be a millionaire by warming the seats in countless commissions.
Voters in these areas are brainwashed it not about track record.What did Waititi do pale Kabete to deserve to be a Governor.Most of the campaigns in these areas ni propaganda tupu nothing to do with development.
Remember Waititi team saying Kabogo ametusi wamama and also the Kabete Constituency aspirant - Chege Fresh who shot his Prado ndio apate sympathy votes… I have so many examples to prove its nothing to do with development record.

Looks like like you haven’t dealt with tanks in your life. 10k litres? Hio ni tanks kidogo sana my friend

Hizi tanks ni kama 2,500 litres