Wammbiwe Wasiambiwe?

Many of my female friends on shosho media wenye wameolewa this year wameolewa na wajaka. Lakini juu nimeishi kenya since I was born not once in my memory can i recall seeing a luo-kikuyu couple with adult children. No matter how hard i try i can only remember young couples with young kids but after that nothing. Asin hawa waambiwe au ndio wataleta mabadiriko na handshake??

:D:D:D:D:D…Jaluo jeuri learns the hard way,you can’t domestic a low quality woman.

Bibi ya Orengo ni feminazi from mt Kenya na wako na watoi wakubwa

am talking about ordinary hasoras, sio watu high high

wewe mwenyewe ile mtaa ushawahi ishi ya mashtler umeona how many mixed marriages. Au kijiji kwenu how many gukas and soshos have you seen?

I have only seen two successful marriages between Kyuks and Luos in my entire life


And how may Luos have you seen married to other non- Kikuyu tribes as a comparison.
You will realize its not many either. Theres a reason why.

@Abba Is married to a kiuk nani buda familia mbaya kama Io ngombe uwesmake apo juu. Your observation is one sided.

Mzito these people judge people by the tribe not character and im sure there are many luo girls that girls worse than okuyu women.

Okay, do you have grandchildren au ni “young couple”

A kikuyu man and luo woman marriage will always work , but kikuyu women - luo men relationships barely take off … i have many luo friends and i understand their oulook on things …thats why i always laugh when i see okuyu ghels defying their mothers to elope with jaluo men… i pity these neive women …

kikuyu gals don’t know that luo men like having fun and hate being caged or having their egos challenged… i think the reason is coz luo culture & kikuyu culture and societies are very different thus bringing incompatibilities … offcourse this is not written in stone…

The most successful relationships nimeona ni za luhya men-kikuyu women… i wonder why ?

I think Bantu people share some common things or ideals in their culture: agriculture, trade, circumcision, matrilineal aspects…Therefore it is easy for them to identify with each other. They also share this with some plain nilotes (Maasai) and highland nilotes

No wonder he loathes Kyuks,the wife is not representing Centralians well on that end

Sisi kikuyu men don’t reciprocate by marrying their women. Maybe it’s because we don’t like loud aggressive masculine women.

@Abba Suba Kuja ujitetee

:D:D:D:D:D…Hapo ni ukweli kabisa, imagine uko na yule mama mp wa kutoka homa bay as your wife,wewe kwisha

My uncle married one from Nyeri in 1981, 2 years before i was born, and are now blessed with six grandkids. Interestingly they only stayed in town for 1 year before relocating to the village in 1982 where they have done well for themselves.

What are you talking about rusted dumbell ? Show me where I have loathed kyuks, mbwa koko… you guys internalize jubilee party thinking it’s a sub-tribe of kyuks.

I have a hate for jubilee party not tribe associated with it. Get that in your thick ganglia.
KK (kama kawaida) kula hii


Cc @Eng’iti