Wamesema Suma Aachiliwe




hakuna kutoka kwa streets mpaka Ramaphosa and his parasitic owners of capital waende nyumbani

ngombe @mikel leta umama hapa kiasi. we said there shall come a time when the poor will have to eat the rich.






Chief Justice alisema Ramaphosa is a sellout media creation



msito zuuma aachiliwe. Ramaphosa ghaseer sana:D:D

Sithole country

Nimeona wamechoma after looting a convoy of big trucks ferrying goods. How are they supposed to get essential supplies when they do that? Hii fracas itarudisha SA nyuma manze. Most investors will leave.

Buy the dip in JSE ghaseer.

Criminals not protestors.

Zuma never benefitted his fellow Zulus.

His reign though short devastated SA economy.



This is a curtain raiser to the main event.

Once Trump is arrested, the main event will kick off on the streets of American cities coast to coast…

Whites don’t know how to protests. Arabs na South Africans wako ligi yao. Wakiamua wameamua.

What did Africans do wrong??