Wamesema ni hii brownskin ndio imeharibu maneno sio ile njaruo. Inaitwa Eric. Mutua manenoz.



[SIZE=5]Wahenga pia walisema marrying a highly educated and very ambitious woman can be very tricky. Especially marrying a lady who is far smarter and more educated than you nikujipeleka kichinjio.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Juu hakuna kitu unaweza mwambia. Mutua went from a phd holder in pharmacy to a college slay queen bimbo but he still hasn’t found love.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Labda sasa ajaribu single mother @Coronatities . @Coronatities is very low maintenance. Just buy her a good book and a cheap wine and she is in heaven.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]The brilliant woman Dr Alfred Mutua left for Lilian Ng’ang’a[/SIZE]


Before Lilian Ng’ang’a walked into his life, Machakos County Governor Dr Alfred Mutua was a married man.

Back in 2014, Alfred Mutua was married to his now ex-wife Dr Josephine Thitu Maundu with whom they have three children.
Unlike the ‘amicable’ dissolution of his relationship with the Founder of Lilian Ng’ang’a Foundation, Mutua and his first wife were caught up in a bitter public battle for the custody of their children and matrimonial property. Unfortunately, the governor lost the case and was ordered to pay for the cost of the suit.

Just who exactly is Dr Josephine Thitu, Dr Alfred Mutua’s first wife?

The Nairobian can report that Thitu is a pharmaceuticals services systems specialist with 17 years’ experience, she holds a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) from University of Washington, the same institution where she earned her Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) in 1993.

She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from Purdue University in 2006. Thitu has worked in leading health institutions and technical assistance organisations in Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and the USA.

Dr Thitu has combined training in clinical pharmacy and public health and has been the programme director for Afya Afrique (www.afyaafrique.org), a health systems strengthening consultant group based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr Thitu also the founding director of Machakos Women Foundation (www.machakoswomen.com). Prior to Afya Afrique, Dr Thitu was the Deputy Chief of Party, Pharmaceutical Services for the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) programme of Management Sciences of Health (MSH).

Hii ni kunguru tu

previouser model ako na long face kama previous model

Huyu brown skin ndio brown mauzo ama

Any marriage can breakdown. But when you leave your wife and kids for the so called slay queens somehow those relationships never last. Si jui ni laana ama ni nini.

long face, ugly for a kikuyu

Mutua should relook into his list of friends. Huyo wife maze alifail sector ya looks na shape.

Waay too ugly

Sijawahi elewa the logic of leaving your wife and kids. Why not just bring in the new model while keeping your core family intact?

Huyu night certified nursing assistant erased my prior message.

Naona una time sana. Shughulikia ma shosh kwa nursing home na uwache uhondo na udaku.

Community college entrance ya Fall Semester ni beginning of September. Jitahidi mtu bloody fuackin.

As I said earlier and you deleted the whole thread. There is no Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in any accredited university in the US.

If you spent just half of your time educating your ignorant fucking ass, you’d know that Pharmacy, just like Law and Medicine are second degrees after a Bachelor’s in the US.

Rudi kuosha ma-shosh na kuwapa meds bila kusumbua na posting Qanon upuss you bloody fuackin’ underachiever.

She ain’t kikuyu.
Her name is pronounced as ‘nganga’ not “ng’ang’a”. Former is kamba while ze latter is kuke.


@patco banae… weka loofah na facemask with pepermint strip chini kanuke kuliko bedpan

@SwagMargeddon = @Swansea = @Old Monk :D:D:D


Mali ya zamani :



ingia wikipedia kuna paragraph huko kuhusu bpharm enzi za zamani na ulete hapa

nataka chokosh wars banae

I think most men who did not f@ck around (especially when they were in college/ their 20s) get too excited at the prospect of laying a woman. It overwhelms them and they sacrifice everything for that moment.

Having been with a variety of women makes a man not easily excitable therefore less likely to throw caution to the wind when new puthy prospects presents themselves.

Its like growing up in a household where your folks had a vehicle. In your adulthood you will not be easily excited by vehicles coz you are used to them already.
That is not to say i don’t like women. I love them.Very much.

Jamaa dimwit sana.
Angelinda jamii na akule kunguru chini ya maji 2 3 months tops then you peana thru pass…(i always say usipompa soft landing she come back to haunt you)…na una jitoa mos mos.
Anyway…his loss.

:D:D:D nimeiona. They are both describing a part of the elephant. So they are both right.

I think these matters require high EQ on the man’s part. Most men don’t have it.
Ability to cut ties and walk away (fk and walk away saa hiyo hiyo) from any entanglement at a moment’s notice without remorse.
Bordeline psychopathy maybe?
I call it High EQ and knowing what is at risk (family and kids stability)