Wamesema maisha ni leo. Enjoy it to the fullest



Atleast he will look back on his death bed and remember all the prewall soft meat aliingia mkia aki nyonga his last shots in his balls


@Jogoo_kimakia hebu kuom

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In 1961, there was no 5000 acres available for locals to purchase. Things became available after 1963.

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Hio trousers inaeza tengenezea queer @tauren skirts tano za kuflex pale muthaiga gold club akijaribu kukafunga na LGBTQ tenderpreneur

@kimakia s grandfather.with that bike he used to obliterate @sokwemtu grandpas bum as he gave him regular lifts to the shopping centre

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mbilikimo kiherehere na ujuaji kama kawaida

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There were no Bell bottom trousers or Yamaha bikes in 1961. That’s a mid seventies or later photo.

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yamaha started producing bikes in 1954

Maliza hio nogwe

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Not entirely true, there are many who bought land in the 50’s… including my own grandpa.

5000 acres in Juja? The large tracts of land were owned by settlers. It’s was reserved for them until 1961.

I was referring to buying land in general. Bleks could buy land, relatively small parcels tho

But that is not a 1961 Yamaha bike.

Price of land in Karen 1935

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Kenyans we’re not allowed to own land there until 1961.

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