Wamesema hamna organization.

Lakini kusema ukwelo, if we have a few astute leaders, we can come up with atleast a 5KT bomb. South Sudan, Somalia, Niger, CAR and DRC wako uranium mingi sana tunaeza iba ama tununue. We can lease out some scientists from Pakistan (our biggest tea buyer), Israel** (in exchange of not recognizing Palestine) or Iran (pariah state). (China wako na kiburi na Americans they would rather denefestrate themselves than help). Heniwei wacha tufikirie kihusu shamba system for now.
N/B: ** - Jews pia wao ni kichwa ngumu buana


You have no enemies, mnataka nuclear weapons za nini? Mtu yyote anataka kuwaibia ama kurape uchumi yenu huwa mwamkaribisha nyinyi wenyewe.

Hata mkiweza kuenrich uranium, kidnap some nerd na aijenge, which in itself is highly improbable what next??

The real challenge with nuclear weapons hukuwa delivery systems which are extremely expensive. Unlike the world war II era, siku hizi the weapon can’t be delivered with a jet. Modern defense systems will shoot down that jet in seconds.

In all honestly we don’t need a nuclear weapon unless another East African country gets one. Neighbors are always the biggest threats and as long as we all don’t have them, we are safe. Think about the Ukraine-Russia situation where one country has them and the other doesn’t. It’s a recipe for disaster.

The Caucasians will never allow the black continent to own nuclear missiles because they will fear retaliation. They will do anything possible to ensure it’s not successful.

The black person is erratic and unpredictable. A black leader might even try to use nuclear weapons to erase his rival tribe from the face of the earth. Think of Somalia, South Sudan, Boko haram, etc.

Anzeni na kulease vijana wa kutengeza toothpicks huko china mfunzwe vile zinatengezwa muache kuimport.

You are Sugoi man biggest supporter, mwambie hivo banae

How did nuclear technology spread among the Caucasusian countries, and later to the Asian countries ? Keep in mind South Africa was a nuclear state under apartheid regime, and moved the nukes when Mandela was coming to power.
Simple, jungu’s have no boundaries when it comes to sharing science, technology and other discoveries.
When Americans manufactured Jeep, they gave United Kingdom the jeep chasis free of charge, and that’s how the Land Rover was born.
When Norway discovered huge oil and gas deposit in the Norwegian sea, The US offered technical support in development of the oil and gas industry in Norway, Government to Government agreement. The US, didn’t send Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Devon or marathon.
Instead, the US Government got oil and Gas experts from these companies and sent them to Norway as Government contractors, making sure Norway had the best deal with their resources.
Fred C. Koch , an American chemical engineer, played a significant role in establishing gas and oil industry in the former USSR, Koch family is still in Russia as we speak.
When , it comes to Mwafrika, He’s all by himself,

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Still true [ATTACH=full]467989[/ATTACH]

Low IQ bonobos like you don’t understand how the world works.

How did China achieve it’s Nuclear Technology.

https://www.atomicarchive.com/history/cold-war/page-12.html#:~:text=In%201951%2C%20China%20signed%20a,1950s%20with%20substantial%20Soviet%20assistance .

In 1951, China signed a secret agreement with Moscow through which China provided uranium ores in exchange for Soviet assistance in nuclear technology. China began developing nuclear weapons in the late 1950s with substantial Soviet assistance.

Who gave Russia nuclear technology?

In January 1950, Fuchs confessed that he had passed information to the Soviets over a seven-year period beginning in 1942.

Klaus Fuchs
Institutions Los Alamos National Laboratory Harwell Atomic Energy Research Establishment Institute for Nuclear Research in Rossendorf

Black lemurs like you think they understand how the world works.

kuchonga cypress na kutengeneza toothpick imetushinda munataka nuclear ya nini?

Pakistan can’t feed it’s population nor even respond to small disasters like floods (⅓ of the country is submerged) but they can hosted both in Beijing and Washington to cut deals, because of their stash. Meanwhile Omwafrika low esteem makes him believe that owning nukes is a white thing or a preserve of rich countries. Smh

Ah, humble African
I’m on this land, I trouble no one
My desire is to make no problem with no one
Non-interference, non-political
No matter what you do, I see, I’m blind and hear, I’m deaf

I’m a humble African
Passing through Babylon
I’m a humble African
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I’m a humble African, yeah


id say we support a large economy like South Africa to get a nuke, Kenya is not ready for that shittt