Wamekataa Vita

Ameamua kama mbaya mbaya
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Waweke war first line salo bonus ya $1M. Paid immediately after the battle to the survivors or the next of kin of the casualties

Most of the dead are recorded as MIA to avoid paying

Degree ni muhimu. The next of kin will still be paid

The law says you’re only paid if they’re dead. If they’re missing there’s no payment.


Being paid in hryvnia currency, means you have to spend the money there. Jaribu kubadilisha iyo chapaa just next door Moldova ndio utaelewa

Ni vile propaganda haiwezi wacha waseme ukweli but once in a while, even MSM cover the reality…
Ukweli kwa ground is that Russia is wiping them out


What Americans called fragging in Vietnam.

The fools here that support the gay comedian need to read the comments on that Twitter post. Watu si wajinga…