They beat him for not having enough loot on himself. And his other colleagues had locked themselves in while he was being fixed.

Robbery with violence

Im glad he didnt fight back , The money belongs to the employer not him .

I hope wapatikane

Uhuru amefanya kazi Bwana. If it were not for him, cctv would be very expensive to install.

The thieves could certainly not tell the difference between his fare, his phone and that of his employer’s

Could he have tried pulling this?


This is bad, yaani mtu ako night shift na anaperembwa. I hope hao wezi washikwe.
Heri kuibiwa ukiwa starehe.

How exactly would you have intervened had you been in their position? Anyway, it is high time citizens were armed like kule amero. At least with small arms. That way, these skunks would have met a force multiplier of unmatched proportions. Take a look



@johntez addi gaza msafi kuja uone ukitathwo rithathi ya matakoo.Wewe ndio huyo ako na helmet

I agree, there should a liberal gun ownership law in Kenya, albeit tightly controlled so that it’s not misused.

You can own a gun in kenya provided you can afford one legally and 100k licence ,

That’s nice.