Wamechoka kuchoma cities sasa wanataka kuchoma village centres


Going after rednecks would be a bad idea… Those fellows are armed to the teeth , will shoot first, spit on the bodies and wait for the sheriff to bring himself around…

Libsoftiktok is a sensationalist account that would have you believing that the US is collapsing any moment. Huku kwa ground vitu ni different.

How are they sensationalist? Vitu kwa ground ni different aje? Is it not true that your judges don’t know who is a woman?

teenage fantasies. watapigwa washangae

Not sensational, the account owner simply explores a variety of mainstream social media and highlights interesting posts.

I find it funny how libsoftiktok and defiantL’s twitter accounts were banned/almost-banned simply for simply sharing libs posts. It’s like hating someone who brings up a mirror to your face.

Both upper and lower houses have suggested that folks take arms against the state/military. This is the greatest threat that DC ever faced, I’m glad though that them rednecks would shit bricks if they ever considered that option.

DefiantLs iko sawa, I have no issue with it whatsoever. Iko neutral na huwa inahighlight both conservatives and liberals. Lakini libsoftiktok huwa inago after single once in a while cases and blows them out of proportion. Drag shows have existed since time immemorial in US, UK, Australia and other white countries but that account would have you believing it’s a recent phenomenon. Na mind you that’s a single school in a district with over 500 schools. For example, in my district, a drag show may take place in maybe one or two schools and it won’t take place in the 400+ schools, but hiyo account itafanya uamini that it takes places in all schools. If the account wants to be a “good” account, it should pursue a neutral stance like DefiantLs. It should highlight both conservative and liberal shenanigans because they are available in plenty. Furthermore the account is run by a Latino bimbo and Latinos are the most hateful demographic towards Blacks. Blacks should support Republicans to prevent their mass immigration into the US.

To me young kids are off limits. You don’t indoctrinate them into nonsense like the ‘drag queen’ sh*t. In many cases without their parents’ knowledge. Even if it was just one district, which could have been his/her own district, you need to put up a fight before it becomes normalized.

Never attended a drag show to see what they do, so I have no opinion there. Would have to attend one and see for myself before I make any rash judgement. But again young children should also he kept away from things like the Bible, religious indoctrination, being taught that slavery didn’t exist and all that shit. Lastly Latinos are mafwi in my eyes, zero respect. Wao na Indians/Asians.

Maybe you should attend one then and draw your conclusions from the experience…

Liberals cannot win against the rural conservative folk. They think showing up in bandanas in rural Oklahoma against red necks armed to the teeth who know the terrain will be easy? A group that gets offended for being called by a different pronoun than what they wish? I think liberal America is one of the most delusional groups you will ever come across. They use word salads and nonsensical false equivalencies to try and support their delusions. wakwende kabisa

Americunts wauwane tu. The world will be better without homosexuals.

Ppl who can’t even define: what is a woman? Due to fear of twitter cancellation wanafikiria kuvamia armed redneck farmers.
These soft liberals watacharazwa thoroughly.

Ni kubaya hadi Hillary Clinton started warning them kutuliza hizi mambo za pronouns na transsexual drag shows activism.

I would do so btw.

Death to liberals