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Just a thought - If the Gikuyu wanted to “bewitch” someone would they look for a MuMeru to deliver the witchery (well, a Mu-Embu by marriage if you like)? Why go about it in a roundabout way?
Plenty of bullshit in that post.

Hilarious shit!

If you believe in Christianity why cant you believe this?

Especially …the clean heart and trusting innocence from the Lake… bit. It had me choking with sarcastic laughter!


Rails is as full of shit as the rest of them (I used to like him). However spiritual matters are real, why does every group of people in this world have a diety they worship or believe in? I’m not talking about this atheist nonsense the modern white man tries to peddle.

Everyone from all the continents had their own God or gods etc, even the Europeans who are about this nonsense of there is no God used to burn witches. They are now claiming that there is nothing while at the same time use symbolism everywhere even in porn, “The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.”

Anyways about Raila and SK on goats I cannot comment because I’ve never heard about such on the animals.

For example?

Maybe it’s just a common genetic defect since all humans in the world evolved from a narrow gene pool of a few thousand. It is possible that small group had a common defect that affects their reasoning. For instance there is a gene that causes some people to want to travel called DRD4-7R, the wanderlust gene. It is possible there is a gene that caused some people to want t believe in a higher being and since they would come together in worship, they were more organized.

Obviously people who rally around a common belief are more likely to succeed as a social unit and spread their genes. Those who could not fathom the idea of religion were probably outcasts who did not succeed like the rest.

Mambo spiritual tunawachia Truman Kapotty na Jehova Wanyonyi.

Mulifunga senate