Wambui needs a man to provide, but no sex.

How would you advise Wambui?


To get a job ama aende soko akauze nyanya.

Atafute babake mzazi

That she really needs to think about what she’s bringing to the table. She ain’t the only one.

Tamu Kama sunguch but anakaa hakuna matako. Siwezi lipa more than 200

Hana experience ya kuuza nyanya, na tena hataki kazi chafu

Babake ako jela, alishikwa baada ya kuiba ng’ombe na kuchinja

She has a certificate in computer studies

This is the mentality that 100% of single-mothers have, they think that they can outwit the system… Money follows value. If she has no value to provide, then she’ll be poor… That’s how the world works

If her only value is her wet crack, then she better start marketing it early on and understand how to price it and what her target market is…

Life sio ya nyanyake

Unfortunately, Kuna ndume za upuss who will bite and follow up on the offer.

Hiyo ni karatasi tu bwana

I’d tell wambui her picture is being posted online ovyo ovyo and she should sue and we eat the money

That man is either her father or her boss, [SIZE=2]na boss was zingine pia anaweza itisha slices[/SIZE]

So the question is why should a man provide for her?
And why a man and not a woman

Definitely boss ataitisha slices kama ni favor boss anamfanyia, kumpatia kazi na yet they are more qualified people who’ll bring more value to the company na hajawapea hiyo kazi

Dry fry material

True, beauty fades.

Filter tupu. Camera ya oppo

kĮhiiiiiii humbwa koko ya manspaa chiet taktak ibilis