Kimani wa Kiambu has observed miguna miguna is driven by his not ever had been elected in any political position.
He thinks the old boy’s arguments are influenced by the many debates he was actively involved while in high school;Childish!

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Masweep zinatembea hapo NTV kama Tsunami.

M*2 to Wamatangi, “You can teach me Law, You can Not teach me logic, you can not teach me democracy, you can not teach history, you can’t even teach me your own language, there is nothing I can learn from you!”


unasema nini wewe

He was in a hurry to pass the message, he left his brain behind.


Ukishanganyikiwa toa ujinga hapa. ass’ole!

miguna amefanya nchelewe job.went to bed watching miguna, woke up to miguna miguna.

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Wamatangi, had a point, Miguna doesn’t argue responsibily, he spends half the Tim e hurling insults, if he were to be on a panel with someone with who ‘debates’ like him it would be termed a heated exchange rather than a discussion.
These media houses probably invite him for that though, the controversy he is bound to cause and hence generating more viewership,


Miguna is a combative debater, when you squick to his punches he goes on and on, the idea is to divert him .

Producer akiona hii ananunulia miguna chai so that he appears on his show…wonder how the Canadian barrister has been earning since January

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Dan Maanzo is on Citizen saying that Raila controls 12.5 million votes while Uhuru controls the rest.
When you’re foolish, you’re just foolish. You can’t stand in the way of nature.


Welcome to liberal democracy…
Debates in media and out here will keep on shocking us, especially since we are a very religious society

Sweep detected

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Wasn’t the figure ~8.3M after 8/8/2017 but before 26th/10/2017?
Just imagine how high our GDP would be if these guys were in power…and were giving a presentation on the same!

In other words he’s admitting Uhuru got 7.5mirrions?


Hehe I never saw it that way but he actually is… In reverse. Foot shots everywhere.

Dawa ya Miguna ni the lawyer Charles Kanjama, that one knows the law, he does not lose his cool which denies MM the chance to bury him in a barrage of put-downs and he wittily laughs off Miguna’s barbs which diffuses the tension.

MM simply stirs emotions then takes control of the whole debate, by now guys debating him shouldnt be falling for that


KaiKai was handling MM well during the first part of the debate. Any debate with MM included is not worth my time.

Sadly truth hertz