Wamama Na Kukulwa Nje

Haijaanza leo

This tombstone at the Louvre, recently translated into English by Chaniotis and posted on X by Roko Rumora, has to be seen to be believed.

“Passer-by, Aphrodisios is my name; I’m a citizen of Alexandria Troas and a leader of the chorus. I die a most pathetic death because of my wife, the dirty adulteress (whom Zeus will destroy). Her secret lover Lychon—a member of my own family!—slaughtered me, still in my youth. He threw me from the heights like a discus. I was twenty years old, so full of beauty, when the Moirai spun my fate and sent me as a delight to Hades.”


Wacha uoga…sio sabuni

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Ancient greeks walikuwa mashoga saidi kwa sababu ya strict gender segregation kama kule Afghanistan.

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