Wamama how many times have we said muache kuabudu wanaume?

@Finest wine see the madness in Kenya. This is what happens when you love a man more than you love yourself and your kids.


Macharia from Kitengela reportedly kills her 2 year old baby and committed suicide claiming that she was tired of her husband’s infidelity. The middle aged lady had been monitoring her husband for a while until this week when she found several messages from a woman in his phone.When she asked him why he was cheating, he responded,”hakuna kitu utanifanyia,all men cheat”.
Jane waited until her husband was away from home then strangled her child, she then proceeded to the bathroom and committed suicide.
The husband, who is not even moved said there are 4 billion women on earth, if Jane was tired of living,let her go.

Hii ndio tumbili


@TrumanCapote how you keep coming back to this village is a miracle with your hate for men

Nkatha punguza accent. BTW how many YouTube channels do you own? Au huwa zinafungwa unafungua ingine?

Naeza taka kuona sura ya hii miMeru mijinga!

Si kambaaya

Where did the husband make those statements? Facebook? Twitter? WhatsApp? Radio? Tv? There is literally no news source I’ve seen with those quotes from the husband other than the gutterpress you picked this story from.

Capote has a very active imagination. She creates fake stories and then uses her 29 YouTube channels and blog to spread the stories. Each channel and blog acting as a news source for the other.


Baboon manenos. Angezalia mzungu na awe single mother. These niggas ain’t shit. Mimi nilie juu ya chimpanzee? Let alone mauaji? NIJIKUTE.

said there are 4 billion women on earth, if Jane was tired of living,let her go.

enyewe mujamaa ameongea ukweli

Sijui tutasema mara ngapi. WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN…you cannot love a total stranger more than you love yourself and your children. BTW huyo that man will be married as soon as yesterday.
If women empowered themselves with a source of income the rest would fall in place easily. If a man gets tired of you, he bounces and leaves you in peace ukikazana na kulea mtoto wako.
I am keenly following a case on Wakili Ndegwa’s Legal Clinic YouTube Channel. Have you seen it? Unfaithful man kidnaps a child and disobeys the court orders over 8 yrs…sick sick sick individuals out there in that country.

Ukituita maBaboon sisi waAfrika, that makes your Dad…?


Nana wa ‘Zora’

Lemme go there.

just form a WOMEN GOING THEIR OWN WAY theme

It is in English…mnyama kapsaaaaaaaa. I hope you listened to theMmeru woman on Kagoni.

Lemme finish moments with Justus