Wamama Hawaezani Na Hii Kazi


Funniest shït ever:D:D:D

:D:D:D watakiambiaje na wako na uzito reverse kwa ass na dashaboard. Hormones pia inachangia

Speaking french, looks american, maple leaves on the ground, huku ni french canada?

Must be sababu ingekua US angepigwa risasi nyingi sana

Yeah this is French canada.

They should pair a male and female officer.

He’s just multiplied his offenses. And now must serve jail time. Utapata he was just due to be fined. Very stupid move.

Huko jela hata si mbaya sana.


Ghaseer umerudi?

Eeeh coomer

If you were a cop would you volunteer to be paired with a female cop? Hehe female cops wanafaa tu wafanye administrative duties for everyone’s sake. Can’t run, can’t fight, can’t overpower a scrawny-ass thug who has probably not eaten for 3 days. Just look at another case, 2 police women overpowered by an average guy again.

shida ya kupigania equality instead of equal opportunities with quality.
There are some jobs clearly that are meant for men but try saying that and you’ll be cancelled immediately.
Like arresting folks or riot control or even going down into the sewer lines or mines.
only recently did the US allow women to serve in the special forces.