Waluya na Wakamba na mkale ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)

Kwaatenyera hamkono vandu vitu :D:D:D:D:D:D

Wacha nienjoy tu tbt mosmos staki stress. this song came out kama naishi Roysambu


Abbreviated OKA

Cerelac losers. DOA

Bake–they’re always cooking:D

hapo sawa

Njaruo ni kama umefurahia hii story sana.

Dead on arrival.

Unamruka Okuyu mwenzako?

Tribal chiefs

Jama no wabro lore

Dead on arrival . A Kenyan president has been picked already . We as voters need to endorse that person.

Who are we voting for?


They will tell you in due time . Don’t worry

Handcheque wars in full force.

There was a time here RAT supporters would boast of system and deep state would rig RAT to state house:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Then there was that big bravado that DP Uncle Ruto would not even be on the ballot. Kumbe today sijui this deep state or system has fished out nasa coalition document they lodged at political party register that states odm and RAT will not run for presidency in favour of this cerelac puppets. :D:D:D:D:DThat will now be enforced. RAT is being forced to honour his MOU finally.

A moment of silence for our loud, annoying, deranged RAT supporters. Kuleni ujeuri yenu. RAT was a pretend co principal that got played very easily and thrown out just like that. 10 billion misused judging how he pushed for his monthly payment this month.

So what is the way forward. Well this cerelac puppets and their backers are talking really badly. They are convinced RAT will not run in 2022 for two reason. One is his declining health and memory loss. Even after the covid treatment if at all it was just that, then they don’t think his rigours will ever reach highs again. Secondly no more finding from anywhere. Lastly they know Chief Hustler has put his final push so NO going to bail RAT out and the two platforms are far apart.

My take. RAT runs to control his home Nyanza as a bargaining chip. Chief Hustler and Hustler party as main contender and winner. Cerelac coalition as the makeshift contender with giddy as presidential candidate. Men this is just perfect. For the independents kibwana will be there to take your 0.1% votes.

2022 is a Kalenjin affair. Orkoiyot DP Uncle Ruto competing against the cerelac “prince” gideon moi. Since giddy showed up with nyayo loot, it’s either you join him or you are out. No negotiations.

Covid imekatsia Raira vifiam :D:D:D

Wait for it.

Combination sounds like a begining of a joke

Fart in the wind…