@uwesmake hivi ndio munasumbua watoto wa cendro??? Hehe!!! Ameona salad,akapiga nduru. Sita dolarate mucheso wa purker na hoti tok …SHIENZI:D:D:D:D:D


mchele ni ya kulambwa



Like this track mbaya na kunamse aliweka track za huu mse hapa this very track
kama si @Dimz Fala sijui ni nani but props …rem laughing in the office that time cuz its better than the o.g plus his ku man black spot


is better than dappa’s but am always love for the O.G track


Flow is flawless

:D:D:D kalii

GM how’s the PhD going? Lately umekuwa very political. Trouble in Paradise? Ama it’s the PTSD ya kukuwa attacked huko ubabini

“Chuice ni machi ya mkonchwa”:D:D:D

Labda ni mimi huwa sicheki kiurahisi. I found all the attached videos extremely unfunny.


Nimewacha kidogo nifanye mambo mengine. Thats a long term project. So am still in the running. Yes. I am political . We got independence same time as Singapore. And we gave aid to South Korea in the 50s saa hii sisi ndio kiatu because some few people have decided Kenya iss their playground. Lemme tell you with the high levels of graft in Kenya, theres no future huwes kua unaiba 400 Billion every 5 years even if its a gold mine and expect a country to progress . Phd hakuna paradise its like bootcamp.

People who dont laugh die early. So learn how to laugh for long life.

haha noma.