Sioni shida hapo. They are not blood. Europeans used to have uncles marrying nieces and cousins. Americans used to marry cousins. Sasa Great Grand Daughter in Law is something to get worked up about?

Wacheni jokes

Huyu fatty si anapenda kende sana???

ati eugene wamalaya alitomba auntie yake mdogo ? wtf ?

mbicha ?


ok ni hivi,wamalwa kijana alitomba step mother yake, as traditions required ,bibi ya mwisho ya William wamalwa,after the senior died and the wife was childless,Eugene was the product,he had to be eunuched [SIZE=1]google that [/SIZE]lest he brings forth some abominations hence his feminine appearance and lack of beard looks…and no kids of his own …ofcourse

Mira na testuri sa wapukusu.

Ni raana…:smiley:

But in today’s world hio sio surgery ngumu ku-rectify. If his testicles are still intact that is (no homo). Plus hormone therapy.

just a bloody clickbait

Yes sir!

Factoring in that its also tribal

It’s actually there norm

Well…Come to think of it.Apart from twa twaring their relatives and inlaws Luhyas love Twa twa very much.Its deeply ingrained in their daily talk,customs and traditions

they are very sexual and sexual minded… no wonder the luhya empire didn’t take off unlike the buganda kingdom …

Niaje umbwa

umbwa ni nyanya yako … mzuri sana uwes makende !

Far from the truth. Luyias cannot marry from their parents’ clans or villages, leave alone in-laws and relatives. Clansmen and women, and village mates of both parents are practically family.

This is too much though. If true. Just fuck anything that moves and is in a skirt? At his age.