Wallets for men.

[SIZE=6]Top 10 Best Cool Men’s Wallets[/SIZE]
By Tucker Cummings Miller


Some guys are content to blend into the crowd, but not you. You’re the kind of guy who wants to stand out. That desire to be different probably permeates every aspect of your life, including your wardrobe. If you’ve been in the market for a new wallet, you’ll want a wallet that doesn’t look like everybody else’s. We’ve curated a list of our favorite cool mens wallets. These cool wallets look great, offer tons of storage space, and let you express your personality. Read on to see our top picks. You can also shop more men’s wallets here.

[SIZE=5]1. Herschel Supply Co. Roy Wallet[/SIZE]

Herschel’s whole line of bags are super cool, but they can be a little expensive. The wallets, on the other hands, are quite affordable. The Roy Wallet has room for six cards, plus cash. Not a fan of the patterns pictured above? This wallet comes in 11 different styles and patterns to choose from. Overall, this is a simple wallet that will appeal to a wide range of men.

Price: $24.99

[SIZE=5]2. HENGSONG Mens US Dollar Bill Wallet[/SIZE]

This cool mens wallet has the image of a US $100 bill on the outside, which is pretty baller. This wallet comes in two shades of brown, and is made from faux leather. There is room for five cards, plus cash.

Price: $3.76 (73 percent off MSRP)

[SIZE=5]3. Alpine Swiss RFID Blocking Leather Wallet[/SIZE]
[I](Alpine Swiss)

Admittedly, this isn’t the coolest looking wallet we’ve ever seen. It looks a lot like other wallets we’ve seen over the years. However, it still gets major cool points for its cool features. This RFID wallet uses military grade technology to prevent skimmers from stealing your personal financial data off your cards.

This wallet boasts 10 card slots, plus two additional oversized slots for cards or receipts. There’s also a full size bill section for storing cash. The RFID benefits of this wallet were tested through independent labs.

Price: $24.99 (67 percent off MSRP)

[SIZE=5]4. Stainless Steel RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder[/SIZE]

Maybe a traditional bifold just isn’t for you. If you want a rugged, slim case, this metal option from Leopardd is a nice choice. The accordion-style folds provide storage for at least six cards. The outer metal is available in a mirror finish, as well as a silver-tone finish that’s been treated to resist smudges and fingerprints. Oh, and did we mention it’s also an RFID wallet?

Price: $13.99 (72 percent off MSRP)
[SIZE=5]5. Nintendo NES Classic Controller Bifold Wallet[/SIZE]

Looking for a wallet that’s old school cool? We love this retro gaming wallet, and Nintendo fans will love it, too. There’s room for five cards on the interior. The exterior looks just like an NES controller. There’s no coin pocket, unfortunately. This wallet definitely looks cool, though a few reviews indicate that this might not be the best wallet option for men who keep their wallet in their back pocket, as this wallet is uncomfortable to sit on.

Price: $14.99

[SIZE=5]6. Radix One Slim Wallet[/SIZE]
[I](Radix Products)

Hate sitting on a bulky wallet? This super slim wallet cuts down the bulk, while also looking edgy and cool. There’s room for four to 10 cards, making this wallet ideal for guys who need to carry a little, or carry a lot. It also stores cash.

Price: $12.99 (35 percent off MSRP)

[SIZE=5]7. Raw Wallet[/SIZE]

Raw makes minimalist wallets. This wallet has a slim profile, as well as a handy loop that lets you attach your wallet to your keychain. The elastic design keeps cards and cash from falling out, while also expanding to hold up to 10 cards with ease. All Raw wallets are meticulously hand-sewn for longevity and quality.

Price: $12.97 (48 percent off MSRP)
[SIZE=5]8. ‘Star Wars’ Rebel Alliance Bi-Fold Wallet[/SIZE]

Love Star Wars? This is probably the wallet for you. The exterior features a Rebel Alliance design, while the interior offers storage space for cash and five cards. More of a “Dark Side” guy? Check out other [I]Star Wars[/I] wallet styles here.

Price: $13.41 (46 percent off MSRP)

[SIZE=5]9. Ducti Hybrid Tri Fold Wallet[/SIZE]

Sure, you could always make your own duct tape wallet, but who has time for that? Probably not you. Plus, this Ducti wallet has superior stitching and an ID window, which is something the average DIY duct tape guy hasn’t mastered yet. A trifold design with snaps makes this wallet easy to access, but also secure. This wallet holds up to six cards.

Price: $29.96
[SIZE=5]10. Corder London Men’s Unique Map Of The World Distressed Slim Bifold[/SIZE]
[I](Corder London)

This wallet is made from real leather, so each one is a little different. This is a great men’s wallet for a guy who loves to travel, or anyone who appreciates London style. There’s an ID window, plus three slots for cards and two spots to stash paper currency. There’s also a coin pocket with zipper closure.

Price: $28

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Kama wewe ni billionaire, hizi hapa za size yako!


Aluminum - Black$65.00 USD

Aluminum - Gunmetal$65.00 USD

Aluminum - Silver$65.00 USD

Aluminum - Gold$65.00 USD

Carbon Fiber$105.00 USD

Titanium - Burnt$105.00 USD

Titanium - Gunmetal$105.00 USD

Polycarbonate - White$45.00 USD

Polycarbonate - Red$45.00 USD

Polycarbonate - Blue$45.00 USD

Polycarbonate - Green$45.00 USD

There’s a time mine was stolen ilibidi nitumie Ile wallet ya safaricom


Nice colors but zinakaa plastic sana.

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I have a 5k wallet but it carries an average of 1k. I just realise mpesa is my real wallet.
Lakini naipenda.

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Wallet ni ile ya masaaii, you can pass down to your next 3 generation…


I have a leather wallet that I was gifted by my father when I was in class 8

Problem with having a wallet is that I am just too lazy to keep arranging notes everytime I get change.

So I will put like 10k in the wallet and each time I pay for something and I get change I just fold and stash in my pockets. In no time, I have more money in my pockets than in my wallet. I just find it a good way of storing debit cards, ID and supermarket loyalty cards and that’s it.

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Wallets ni ya peasants. Sisi hutumia mpesa na credit/debit cards