Walibora was killed by paid chokoraa?

[COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]The chokoraa apparently chased him down like a dog and then Later gave his documents and car keys to the police. Were they paid to stab the guy?

[COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]DAILY NATION manenozz…

[COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)] https://mobile.nation.co.ke/news/The-painful-death-of-Ken-Walibora/1950946-5533854-bswhg9z/index.html

[SIZE=5]However, people who witnessed the accident said Walibora was being chased by street boys and was hit as he tried to run across the road.

Meanwhile, street boys who found Walibora’s press card and car keys took them to Kamukunji Police Station, where officers logged them as lost-and-found items. They never followed up on the matter until it emerged that the author had died.[/SIZE]

Maybe he was carrying a lot of money in the wrong side of town. When confronted, he refused to hand over the cash prompting a violent response. Maybe.

Once you reach a certain class in society, avoid some places and always travel in a good car and have buddies for security.

Why run? Why not stand and scream that he was being robbed?

What kind of dumb question is this

Very tough case to crack…if it was not an accident. If somebody hired street boys, then it is not easy to find air-tight evidence. it will rest as robbery gone bad.

What many people don’t know is that inside Muthurwa market there are stalls that exclusively sell text books and nothing else.
Most probably he had heard about them and since they sell his books maybe he wanted to know where they source them from and since they are obviously counterfeit copies an altercation must have taken place which led to his stabbing and running away.
(How’s that for Sherlock Holmes)

sawa detective

Very plausible, but then, he had gone to meet a truck driver who was ferrying construction materials to his rural home . That was the original story.
Isn’t 6AM , on a Saturday morning a little bit too early to go check on book vendors ?
The driver he had gone to meet ought to have a lengthy conversation with sleuths from the DCI office.

This seems to corroborate my hypothesis. Walibora had a lot of cash on him on the wrong side of town and a scuffle ensued.

From where do you get 6AM and Saturday morning?
Undisputed accounts indicate he was hit at around 9:30am on Friday 10th April.

I indicated that was the original story.

Been telling this to my wife anasema nimekunywa faxe nyingi.There are close to 20 something stalls selling text books around that area.

Many business people around that area including marikiti carry in excess of 200k on a daily.That side of town ain’t the wrong side of town when it comes to cash.Msomali huingia huko na 380k cash kubuy phone accessories on whole sale.

At 6AM?? Yeah right…Those traders also don’t wear suits and have bulging pockets. They blend in. A guy who parks his benz uptown anaenda downtown will stand out like a sore thumb, especially at 6AM.

Wameuwa bukusu wetu

Pole sana.Wabukusu inakaa ni watu wamesoma.Vipi wewe unauza tu makende na kuweka set kwa mat za kayole matopeni?