Walevi nawauliza hivi, does aged whiskey taste different? Kama Discover Glenfiddich 50 year old single malt whisky utapata inaonja kama Whisky ya 1 year? Like does age have an effect to it’s taste vile Karubu (traditional brew) ukuwa? Sande sana.

I only drink keg that is matured for three days

Sisi watu wa busaa tusemeje. Kitu inaiva na week moja

Sawa omwami

Afadhali hio ya week Moja ya ukweli zingine hatujui tunadanganywA

kwa nini Vodka hapana mature with age?

The difference is usually the smoothness, palatability and other effects on your body

A 15 year scotch tastes different from a 12 year scotch. You can sense the rawness in the 12 year. The 15 upwards are very smooth. Plus it’s like the high stays longer in you. And you have less of a hangover. With 18 year you can be dead frank at 1 am , wake up at 7am and head to work with no green glasses hangover. Now with American whiskys they are not aged that long. The bourbons and ryes are aged for 5-7 years.

After 18yrs they all have the same smooth taste. If you are asking about flavor, that depends with what casks they matured in. Some may be fruity, Smokey etc…


Yeah that’s where I was asking.

Its like driving a high end car and a jalopy ,ferking a 10/10 or 0.36/10 nafasi ni ile ile but kupakuliwa ni different ,anyway you cut it ,destination is always the same