Walevi sacco

Just a heads up
Peleka kunguru hapo na unapunguza budget


hapo lasima nijishikie famaaas graus na gibleys mbona hakuna my whiskey jameson


No jug daniels, no party


[ATTACH=full]143636[/ATTACH] si mbaya shida was this done on MS paint

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No cocktail happy hour and also why don’t these fuckers usually add savannah in the list of beers??? Eg the bucket offers?? :(Nonsense.

Friday after work is happy hour ‘Blues’ can fuck off

drinking beer worth 1500 in three hours, lets say the beer is normally 250 or 200 bob. That is almost seven beers in three hours hehe

Hii offer ni upus kapisa. Mlevi hunywa 3 beers per hour

na ukisha kunywa kama sita hivi mtu hulemewa anapunguza intake rate otherwise ata chew kwa pub. Ikija cocktails pia utalemewa tu when almost beating the 1500 mark, assuming you step in the pub at 6.59 on the dot

Depends a former drinking mate and now a pastor, used to flush 3 beers and then belch, He is 6’6" giant.

OK true… But the 1500 for the cocktails in 3hours is a nice bargain if you ask me… A glass would range between 800-1100 depending on the place

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Unaingia saa ngapi hapo omwami nijionee visokoromwinyo?

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