Walevi Sacco ....... officially December edition

Take it easy in your own msg you just stated you will be broke in Jan. Am not on your case got no reason tu. Like most this is purely for entertainment purposes. Kama umeudhika iza.

I swear there are fake Pilsners being sold. The stuff I took yesterday didn’t taste right and up to now it hasn’t completely left my system.

Easy am ok I had interpreted ( in my wisdom or lack of) that you had demeaned and dismissed vat as a descent drink! But thanks that’s clarified

Nope actually huwa timam mimi hata hizo glenfiddich huziona kwa billboards:D FG, Grants,JW baasss

Yako nikama ilikua imewekwa mihogo

Man, that shit was above 8%, I quarreled with everyone who crossed my path.
Sahii nimeanza kutoa lock.

FAXE is truly a heavy duty drink i respect it. siwezangi pita mbili.

Diesel tu bado… [ATTACH=full]142502[/ATTACH]

I hope @The_Virus is still alive

Endelea tu kutafuta virus Mutiso utapata.


Siriingi but me huskuma Faxe 5 in my local but at most three outside. Leo ni tusker pole pole tu.


Me Leo Niko indoors. Nime wekea kesho wanted. There is a mzito who had promised our chama 2 goats and 10 crates of Beer once Uhuru got sworn in.

The chama is also collectively throwing in one more goat.

Party is going down tommorow at a Classified Location.

Coming back home ni Sunday.

Gilbeys hapa tukishikisha oldskul hip hop.

Weka picha msuri nanii

I hope uliweka nyama mpangoni, that and richot hapana macheso… Enjoy

Sasa hii ni SAFI SANA, chukua neat, ma double tots na usichanganye na Drink ingine. Ukichnganya mambo inakuwa noma sana…