Wale Washienzi Walikuwa Wanatoroka Juu "The User Interface Is Confusing"...

…naona mshawekewa “All Threads” button.

Patience is a virtue fools. The village is slowly but surely looking better. Na wale watu wanashinda wakiweka threads za kutuambia kwaheri, stop that attention seeking nonsense pris. Funganya tu virago utoke usiku kama mwizi, sawa? Ati “oh the site is confusing, so I want my account deactivated”…fuck off with your childish rants.

ION, sisi machali wa-cute tuna shida, hatupumui aki. Tunaomba serikali.


Eti Cate mapoopoo :):slight_smile:

Captain Oblivious

never lost in my way

sante @admin

Washughulikie hizi emojis za slay queens sasa…

ION @captain obvious = Idi Admean


@Deorro priss ficha username at the navigation bar (desktop version)

Ata kwa ile site ya machokosh niliona wameingiza baridi wakisema vile mimi ni @Deorro :D:D
I will not discourage that line of thinking. I like the power that comes with it.


I am with you Captain. God :(some were posting abusive messages 3 times a day. Demanding the services that they get for free…poor MoD kept saying I am working on it. It was painful to read. Oh the ultimatums dished!!

One thing that remained crystal clear is that the day KTalk will crash, some addicts will be admitted at Dr Njenga’s.

I didn’t and don’t care whether it’s there or not, I was still doing my thing.
Too much ado over nothing.

My former handle MFW is up for abuse/cloning on that website that I don’t visit and never knew of it’s existence but Talkers tell me kwa inbox and have warned me sana not to be tempted to join to ‘defend’ myself. Mara Kush yule Mnono is dead, Kush is offline because he is heparing me kikikikiki…oh Kush this Kush that. Far from the truth but if one is over 20 and doing what we call ‘kurugania’ then there is no chance. Infact the person that brought the issue to my attention a while back is Kush. Strange his name is now being used to try and hype activity huko.

Can’t see none, do i need to logout then login ?

Hmmmm ! ! ! What were you trying to do here


Emojis iko kwa line.

you need it to access your profile. will see if it can be changed to a placeholder text like “profile”

Emojis ikokwa line.

If using a mobile browser click on the options tab n utaona at the very top


On PC imekwama tu hapo juu utaona

The new interface is still shit @admin

What do you hate about it and what suggestions do you have?

Hide the Kenya talk logo or make it disappear when someone is browsing like it used to sio saa hii imekatalia hapo