Wale Wa Sijui "Putin is Playing 9D Chess..."

Hapa ni gwapi? Eh, HAPA NI GWAPI???


Disrespect and treachery must be punished.
The message is very clear.

In Kenya the sugoi man has also captured Oparanya for corruption. The message to Azimio busybodies is also clear

Power is not a picnic


Prigozhin knew this. He was just silly; should’ve proceeded to Moscow when he had the chance. Putin can poison Russians right in London and Prigozhin thought he was special.

We all know hakuna kwenye Oparanya anaenda ama hakuna kenye atafanyiwa substantial. Maybe he will even switch sides and start supporting jambass. Kwani hujui politis za Kenya!!

Power is transient. Putin may not be in power for longer now.


Matiangi can relate… :star_struck:

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In yuess the senile incumbent opponent is facing jail time for what he did trying to ‘grab power’.

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