Wale wa Salo .. would you take this retrenchment cover?

Get up-to 1 year retrenchment cover when you move your salary account to us. Make the switch today here: https://www.sc.com/ke/insurance/vantage-insurance/


The devil is in the details aka fine print my friend.Hakuna kitu kama retrenchment cover.Watakula your premium uwachwe mataani after you are fired.There is no way they are sure you will be able to get back to your feet after one year with the Corona virus causing economic meltdowns around the globe.
Barclays had a similar product where in case you are fired if you bank with them you continue getting your salo for three months.Nimetembea kwa ma forum almost zote za insurance na banking in Kenya across many platforms am yet to meet any beneficiary.Quite strange considering how dynamic the job market in Kenya has been over the years.

Good to think about it

Scam! Run!