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We have received your email in connection with the winning notification that was sent to your Mobile after verifying your Token number. Your mobile number has been awarded with $350,000.00 (Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State of America Dollar) by UK Toyota Mobile Award. This award is no doubt, is a gesture to appreciate our customers worldwide and still advertise the use of our products worldwide.

Your Mobile number was extracted from all Toyota Outlet Worldwide and Also Through Telecommunication Companies Directories to enable us run the draw to reach out to both Customers and None Customers and to encourage people to use Toyota as their choice.

The Draw was Electronically Drawn with each mobile number attached to a serial Token number and your number was attached to TY87010 which falls among the winning token that has been awarded the above stated amount.

To this effect, I want you to understand that all winners from Africa Continent will make their claims through our Central Office in South Africa to ensure accountability and transparency and to avoid any form of diversion or double claim, that is why I have been assigned to guide and direct you how to have your prize release to you without further delays.

I advise that you keep your winning detail and process very confidential till the prize has been release to you to avoid cancellation which will arise from double claim if someone might have your winning token number or winning exposed.

I wish to acquaint you with the steps that you must follow to receive your funds. On our part, we will do everything to see that you receive your fund at the earliest possible time. We shall work very hard to realize this mandate as we respect your views, opinions and most importantly, protect your privacy. Also note that your winning prize has an INSURANCE BOND guiding it to avoid any form of diversion during transfer.

Kindly provide us with the following information to enable us issue you the Certificate of Award from our central computer and direct you how to contact the Paying Bank as soon as possible for the release of your funds.

Full Name…
Marital Status…
Home Phone…
Mobile Phone…

Your Personal Identification Token (PIN) is 018ET and must be quoted in every correspondence. Details of your winning must be kept confidential until the successful transfer of your fund to you, as any form of double claim will lead to termination of the process.

Once again, I congratulate you personally on your selection and implore you to adhere to our directions in ensuring successful claim. Further guidelines shall be provided to you on our receipt of your personal information.

Congratulations from me and members of Toyota Award Team.

I wait to hear from you and also want you to know that you can call for more clarification.

Kind Regards,
Rev. Paul Moorson
(Claims Agent)


Hawana Akili. Hawajui kama jiwe kakaba mpk ujinga umetuisha!

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Hivi wale wa ile tuma kwenye namba hii mbona bado tunatumiwa na walisema walikamatwa?

Matp nawakubali sana,maana wala hawakukabi,unapigwa kutokana na tamaa yako na asikwambie MTU watoto wa mjini ndio wanapigwa sana kwa kuwa wanapenda sana chap kwa haraka!
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Pesa inatafutwa kwa hali na mali

Shemeji ile namba ya mganga wangu aliyenisaidia katika biashara zangu na kurudishwa kazini nimeipata ni0653754093 mpigie atakusaidia. Hao Matapeli wamenitumia sms ya hivyo jana.

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