Good morning! It’s finally here! Make a wise decision, and secure your future by joining us today to be a part of this amazing investment opportunity. We leave Nairobi CBD from 10.00am. Contact 0712 767 931
NB: If along Thika Road, call that number and tell us where to pick you. Have a great morning.

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Invest at your own risk.

next week iko?

Don’t get into the habit of letting people think for you. Utagongwa mbaya. Get off your a** ujitafutie “prot” wewe mwenyewe with the necessary due diligence.

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It was an event. We have resumed our daily site visits. Feel free to contact us via 0712 767 931 to go with us to any of the properties. We usually leave town at 10.00am, Monday-Sunday.

I believe you have invested in land before. Wouldn’t it have been easier if there was a company that had done the due diligence, and saved you some precious time and the hassle of dealing with untrustworthy brokers? We are that company, and our over 8000 clients are actually satisfied.

Even Lesedi, Gakuyo, Mahiga etal were ‘that company’

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Do you have a sister called betty… She’s tamu kama sunguch… Works pale industrial area…

  1. What’s your registered company name?
  2. How long have you been doing this investment stuff? You seem startup company.
  3. What are your investment vehicles? What’s your specialty? Are you a hedge fund company, investment management company or seeking a strategic partner to spur your growth?

Your info hapo juu is very scanty on what you guys are doing.

Not bragging, but they came, found us, and left us here. I totally get you. We spend a lot of time undoing their wrong, because most people can never tell the difference between all the land ‘companies’ in Kenya. We were thinking of pulling a Tesla move, to stop marketing tuwache kazi ijiongelelee, lakini tukaona awareness lazima ifanywe kwa wingi watu waache kudanganywa out here.

No I don’t.

It’s getting out of hand.

@adminstrator , ask for advertising fees.

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definitely a scam.

  • no company name
  • no office/physical address,
  • questionable use of Top Brands certification,
    -“Tulivu” is an Optiven brand
    -no previous projects
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Wacha talkers wakamuliwe dry dry…yaani

hehheh very true.kwanza plots za huyu todhi zinakuanga in the middle of nowhere.unafika huko unapata mangiri ndio zina graze zikikula nyasi

Kindly go back to my first post here, and make use of google.

Enigma unabonga ni kama shamba zote zinafaa kuwa along lang’ata road. I can confidently say that what we have is one of the widest variety any real estate company in Kenya can offer, in terms of locations. Sisi sio wajinga hio kiasi unafikiria tukuwe na Shamba places random for the sake of business tu.