Wakulima Poleni

NCPB to buy a maximum of 400 bags per farmer. What happens to hardworking birrionea farmers in the Rift Valley who harvest thousands of bags?

Maize and sugar cane farmers will have to face some harsh realities. The last few years imekuwa preview tu. As long as cartels can import sugar at a lower cost than the market price, they will continue doing so and make that $$. If cartels can import maize from wherever and deliver it at your local NCPB at a better price than that local farmer, they will continue doing so. Straight up capitalism. Farmers will have to figure a way of cutting their production costs to outbid cartels, or start farming perishable produce that can’t be imported. As a consumer, I honestly don’t care where the maize comes from as long as it is human grade. The same goes for eggs from Uganda and sugar from elsewhere. I believe in Darwinism. If farmers can’t survive competition, they move on to other ventures. The consumer interests come first.

I agree with Kuria, gava did not tell them to plant the maize.

No problem there. Big time farmers will just confirm kids, relaz and shamba boys as farmers. Very easy to go around that

like kuria who told to waste your time getting degrees

It’s not mandate of government to buy maize from farmers

Exactly. Government should be an enabler not a main player. Sisi watu wa mchele sirikali inakujaga kutununulia, au watu wa kahawa wanalianga serikali iingilie kati!! This entitlement in practices that make no economic sense should stop
Poultry farmers are suffering, kwani wao sio wakenya?? Watu wakule mahindi yao, wakishidwa wapande mimea ingine brary mavi ya kuku

The assumption is that farmers with bigger harvests are capable of adding value to their crops or even directly sourcing for contractual deals with key market players like millers

Because you are stupid imagine having 1000 acres of ripe avocado now replicate this with all over the country. Alafu utaambia aje farmer angoje 10 years ndio aanze kuvuna avocado? Maize provides schoolfees and basic upkeep to these farmers. Tuwache kujipenda and killing our agricultural sector. Ilianza na kina cotton ona how we have moved to the staple diet.it just cant work

This thread reaks stupidity to the high heavens. Am not quoting anybody especially thos applauding Kuria lest I be infected this stupidity. As a guy who constantly interacts with large scale farmers and knows exactly what goes on on the ground that involves farming, this guys deserves readily available markets and the best price. Thats all

Does fresh produce and like French beans, carrots, cabbages, etc take ten years to mature? Inakaa kichwa yako ni ya kubeba makamasi juu umekula avocado sana.

Hii ncpb should be privatised asap , government should be setting up policy’s za agriculture na bado they engage in the whole agriculture supply chain, government ikuwe enabler at a policy level ,hizi agricultural entity zote za government should be privatised including the sugar ,maize ,milk , coffee ,tea , pyrethrum etc ,full stop @spear tell gathecha asaidie sisi farmers na hii proposal tafadhali.

Wewe ni mjinga msee we have more than enough of that shit across the world.

400 bags per farmer is a good thing,that weeds out those who buy and bring thousand of bags to the NCPB.I think the govt also want to reserve an opportunity for the importers.So both parties will benefit.
Though the arrangement may not be sustainable,farmers were a sure bet,Cartels might abandon the trade in future and go for the ones with better returns

I remember pyrethrum with nostalgia.

I agree that government is not obligated to buy farm produce, lakini those saying we can import everything are being stupid. A nation needs to be food secure, you don’t want to be at the mercy of big nations because they know if they put trade sanctions on you the country goes hungry. Government can subsidize inputs ensuring that the farm gate prices of produce are competitive

Farmers will suffer. Too bad!

Foolishness. Rift valley farmers got no brains. We should buy maize from tanzania. Why buy something expensive coz its produced by a kenyan? Tanzania and UG farmers are exporting their maize, kenyan farmers want their maize to be bought by force. Watengeze chakula ya ngombe na nguruwe wakitumia io mahindi. Dr Ndii has some good explanations kama hamnipati poa