Wakubwa Saidieni mimi hapa, Jubilee Insurance Car Accident Claim

Wadau,leo nimekuwa kwa accident. In attempt to avoid a head on collision with an oncoming nduthi guy i rammed my car onto a stationary packed truck. Sijaumia but gari imeisha front bumper na bonnet. The truck was also not damaged extensively since I hit it from the back. Needless to say the steering airbag deployed and the engine failed to start afterward. Wakubwa, Is this an automatic write off? And if it is, who has had prior past experience with Jubilee Insurance on settling such repair/write off claims,how long should i expect to wait to be compensated? What are the probability of them kuruka claim yangu? Asanteni sana.

NB: The car is comprehensively insured complete with excess protection.

Mwenye hiyo uber car, has he/she cleared the loan.

Ongea na agent wako. He is in a better position to advice you on how to fuck with your insurer not strangers on ktalk. Good luck

Call your agent and they should take care of everything

I know, but just wanted to hear some reviews/opinion from guys here. Thanks

Hio sio uber, I bought it cash.

Already done so, thanks. Nice to know that they are a reliable underwriter.

Kuna ma agent hapa.

If you have comprehensive usishtuke. Pigia your agent who sold you the insurance.
Resolution repaired my rivet claded jap-mobile

Hehehe:D:D I can now afford to smile, naona niingie bar nishike mbili baridi nitulie kidogo. I was so tensed up bana. I have already talked to the agent and the car has been towed to a garage awaiting further communication from the underwriter.

How is resolution insurance for cars? Curious to hear from a disinterested person

They’ve treated me well so far, though it’s through some online insurance broker company, next insurance.

Have you been with them for long enough to know them?

Skuma agent askume wao, jubilee hu pretend kuwa busy, if your car cannot go to their valuation centre, unaweza ngoja sana kabla watume mtu

Freshi, i will do so. But hapa hawwaeezi ruka hii claim, sio?

They are not his agents and from experience, your agent is best placed to advice you on what to do in the event of an accident. No?

Not really, two years on the current car.

Chunga isiozee huko garage na upate missing spare parts. Happens with some insurances. Kwanza ile yenye tagline yao ni 'do not admit liability… "

Nilisign for every spare part.