wakubwa hapa kuna swali

But why is it that whenever you commit murder and at a point regret the act, you always suffer mental trauma…

Don’t reply, if you have never committed murder

Kill another one na utazoea

how did you know people suffer trauma?

Like mungich jaymoh,zile hallucinations yeye huwa nazo,wacha tu

Imagine, you already committed the crime and survived murder charges… But sometimes you feel so guilty to an extent ata saa zingine unafikiria kujisalimisha kwa police.

Pole ndugu…
Now relax and start from the beginning…

This assumes you have committed murder? Right?

I don’t

Jisalimishe bro you’ll die eventually or kill another one

@pamba kuom kias mwami.

Hapo sijibu labda akuje inbox nimutume kwa Dr Awiti.

I’m still a threat, @pamba ni NIS ama ni nani?

Just illuminate the problem, we’ll perhaps understand the problem and you’ll get an answer.

Huyu ni OCS fulani, dont be fooled

Meff 0733610978 Dr Awiti arrow web hospital ,chiromo medical clinic, consultant mathare hospital, consultant Kenyatta hospital, lecturer UON, personal psychiatrist .In between I’ve done more damage to my life ,hekaya sipeani.

Thie ukiumaga… Ambia @Deorro akupee my IP address

Matusi ya nini sasa?

Ni ya kukueka wasiwasi if not to contain you