Wakristo ni kubaya

Pastor Tony Kiama a man of God who fears no one. Thanks pastor. Ama Aisha Jumwa aliroga Bibi ya bodyguard bae akajiua? Things are getting thicker in this country by the second. God help us we didn’t vote for this man. Why should we suffer for the poor choices of other people.



I saw the video and the guy is being those agents of doom/prophets of doom for nothing. Wachaewi wameishi hii dunia sana na bado dunia haijaisha na untold suffering haijafika.
Our very own Mzee Odinga is a well known wizard, as severally stated by m/2 and other close to him and he has been a leader…But we did not come to ruin as the emotional sensationalist pastor makes it look like.
The pastor is biased politically i can tell but we will not buy into fear. He kept quiet when the Mganga ran for the highest office and probably voted for him. Akae chini awache kutuchosha maskio. We are not buying it…

[SIZE=2]Sasa KApoti. Hope you been well!![/SIZE]