A mother and her young daughter were almost beaten to a pulp by a mob after they were allegedly caught dancing at a fresh gravesite in Roura village, South Mugirango in Kisii county.
Sources said that the two suspects were seized by a group of youths who were keeping vigil at the said compound on Saturday night – at 11pm.
The fresh grave – according to residents – bore the remains of an evangelical cleric – Rev Alloys Mogoi – who was buried last Friday.
Pictures seen by Wananchi Reporting showed mother and daughter, who remain suspects, tied with ropes and standing on top of the mound of soil – with the epitaph bearing the name of the Man of God also visible.
The incident was confirmed by Ndonyo Location Chief Mr. Charles Omwono.
“I was woken up by sounds of angry youth who were baying for the suspects’ blood. The woman and her daughter were taken to Etago Police station to await arraignment in court,” said Chief Omwono.
The chief noted that a police officer from the village – and who was on leave – helped him to contain the situation and save the two suspects from lynching

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