Wakisii= Conmen

October 31, 2022


Three students from Egerton University were on Monday arraigned at Milimani law courts for allegedly obtaining millions of shillings over exam leakage scam.

Detectives said the three faced charges of obtaining millions of shillings from parents and KCSE candidates via Telegram forums in the pretext that they would sell them examination materials for the forthcoming national examinations.

Detectives attached to the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) launched investigations into the scam last week and have so far arrested the three who are based at the university’s main campus in Njoro, Nakuru County,” the report from DCI read.

The syndicate’s mastermind, Kelvin Anunda Mogaka, alias Prof Lenchodas, 24, a fourth-year Bachelor of Science in Education student was, according to reports, lured into a trap by the detectives on Thursday night, and led them to his house in Njoro, Nakuru County.
Several photos that detectives shared on Twitter showed the main suspect lived large in Njoro, and was in the process of putting up a modest country home.
https://i0.wp.com/bnn.ke/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/image-16.png?resize=1024%2C573&ssl=1The three
DCI said Mogaka who lives large in a well furnished apartment had created two telegram groups with over 13,000 followers, where he is believed to have obtained millions of shillings from parents.
Parents paid between Sh5,000 to Sh20,000 to help their children steal the examination.
The Telegram groups contained instructions on how payments would be made with members being cautioned to strictly follow the procedure to save time. “Avoid many stories, all papers are available,” read one of the messages in the telegram group,” it adds.
Police nipped their plans in the bud when they raided the suspect’s house and recovered dozens of SIM cards and identity cards that the suspect had used to open fraudulent M-pesa and bank accounts where the received money would be deposited,” the statement read.
Police flagged a bank account belonging to his brother who is a teacher with about Sh2 Million.
In one such account at Equity bank Kisii branch belonging to his brother who is a teacher in Mogongo Girls Secondary School, about Sh2 Million was flagged by the detectives who also discovered that the suspect also operated a similar account at the Kisii KCB branch,” the police report says.
The suspect’s kin told detectives that Mogaka had earlier informed him that he hit the jackpot after a successful bet and would be sending him money to put up a house for him at their home in Mosocho, Nyamira County.
When the detectives visited the homestead in Nyamusi, they confirmed that indeed the fourth-year student was in the process of putting up a “modest house” in the village.
The suspects were released on a Ksh.1 million bond or Ksh.500,000 with surety of the same amount.
DCI further warned parents and students from joining groups to leak examinations.
“Parents and students are cautioned not to join such fraudulent groups but be honest and prepare for the forthcoming examinations adequately,” DCI said.

@Eng’iti si mtauliwa muishe

Ukora haina kabila ni vile ukora inahitaji masomo inapendwa sana na watu wa pande za western part of Kenya. Especially ma omera

Hawa 2027 watasimama kama MCAs

These con men should be jailed. Lakini on the other hand, these parents wanted to steal the examination papers. Surely this is a crime.

batonyaarire bwana.

This boys are innocent. It’s the parents who wanted to commit serious examination crime therefore the victims should be arrested and jailed too

DCI wawachane na mogaka apige hustle ama wamchukue wamweke kwa their cybercrime unit to provide insight. Kenya has already gone to the dogs starting from the top so hata hawa wakulima wadogo wawachwe wapige hustle.

Wachana na wakisii. Chaga nyoko akurume. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Nyenje ino


Wakulane gaaay chain chain pale telekram

Wakisii wanajulikana kwa forgery and conmanship

Hii hapana ukweli, Mosocho iko Kisii county

Wash wash boys in the initiation stages. Soon to graduate, wengine watajipata bunge.


Sometimes the gullible have to be protected from others and even from themselves.
Mjinga anafikiria some guy has leakage is a fool.
Just liase with guys in national schools hao hujua what are likely question areas.

Wakisii wote ni wezi

Lakini wakisii of late sana wamekuwa wakora kuruka

These exams headmasters were selling them to kids parents anyway.

You are a tribalist