Wakili Kamotho petitions Parliament for removal of Maraga, 6 others from JSC

An advocate by the name of Adrian Njenga has petitioned the National Assembly for the removal of Chief Justice David Maraga, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu and five others from the Judicial Service Commission.

Njenga argues that the 7 have proven to be incompetent and guilty of gross misconduct and therefore wants the National Assembly to forward the petition to the President for the constitution of a tribunal to investigate the complaints raised therein.

Your take? Do you think this is a classic case of political witch hunt? Is JP re-visiting the judiciary?

Is it within the law?
Kila mtu abebe msalaba wake

Lets wait and see how the legal affairs committee will handle the petition, thou i firklu believe Maraga is unfit to lead the judiciary.

Overtaken by events.

I am behind news, what happened?

Parliament rejects petition to remove CJ David Maraga | Nation
[SIZE=5]Parliament rejects petition to remove CJ David Maraga[/SIZE]
Mr Muturi on Tuesday told MPs that the petition “is a long shot, pedestrian and a fishing expedition” in seeking to remove Justice Maraga, who by virtue of his position is the chairman of the Judicial Service Commission.