Wakikuyu kamili, i have a question

Andu a nyumba , what is the meaning of the term, “Matigari ma Njirungi” ??

First things first, what do you mean by wakikuyu kamili?

Survivors of the bullets meaning the Mau Mau who came out of the forests after the British had been vanquished.

And not those who came out with jomo. The guys who were with Gen. Mwariama and the rest…who jomo had to coax out of the forests.

sitaki hawa wa Nairobi, the ones who say “i can hear but cannot speak” , the ones who go to the village , see a goat and ask “what kind of Dog is this that eats grass”

@KamauLM kuja utuelezee

The children of real Maumau

Unadi kuchunisha mkiuk (fala) skuma nakuona

If we start with what is njirungi that can’t be right.

:D:DThese children you have reared up in Mombasa saying it’s social upscaling let them know their grandparents and learn their culture…

Matigari- those who remained
Matigari ma njirungi-those who survived the war specifically Mau Mau war.
This phrase is used to refer to MauMau veterans who never got much from the first to the current independent African government.

People of the mountain… I want you to look at this picture carefully then say a prayer for shosh (as you like to say) when you go to bed tonight…

We have the memory of a goldfish…

Asante sana

thank you

@eddy mahelo what was the reason behind to know the meaning.

i am usually very interested in the culture and history of Kenyan tribes…

Are you a kiuk?

nope, but from MT Kenya

If not, he’s conversant with the language coz he has perfectly understood the lyrics from one of Kamarú’s song above…