Wakikuyu hebu Vuruta Stool and come

Sana. Hapa kuna hekaya. Now I see where all the bitterness towards anything vumbistan comes from. Kumbe iko deeply rooted mahili ni his upbringing.


Makes sense

Majority of kikuyus take very good care of their parents. However kikuyu or not, mzazi haezi ku treat kama shonde and then later in life feel entitled to be taken care of. Kama mimi nikiskia mamangu anaishi hata kwa mtaro I wouldn’t even give a fuck. Haven’t seen the woman for more than a decade and I don’t intend to ever again. Niathie akiumaga!


Bro parents aren’t perfect. They have flaws. You will remember that one Wanga man tried to advice you to bury the hatchet. There is power in forgiveness especially to parents.


This is exactly how it happened, I’m privy to inside info about this case.

i forgave even the worst na nikasonga hakuna kitu peaceful kama kulala kama hujakasirikia mtu, i am sure you think of her every day

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Mimi sio bro… My father had flaws too, kawaida human flaws and I loved him and worshipped the ground he walked ontill the day he died. Why? Because he was a beautiful human and had a very good heart. I forgave her but I will never forget and she’s extremely toxic. I don’t need that kind of energy around me.


Ati think of her everyday? Nope I don’t!!

Make connections na watoto wako wasije wakakusahau.

Okuyu are cursed thieves. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici